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First-Generation Kānaka Maoli Stanford Student, Jaysha Kuuipoaloha Alonzo-Estrada | Using Community Resources as a Tool for Academic Empowerment

First-generation Native Hawaiian Stanford student, Jaysha Kuuipoaloha Alonz-Estrada, talks about changing majors, following her path and utilizing community resources in high school and in college (4-H, College Horizons, Leland Scholars Program, Muwekma Tah-Ruk) to empower her throughout her academic career.

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Bay Area educator and Assistant Principal, Cady Kealohi Ching | Working to close the achievement gap through mentorship

Cady's first college guidance counselor dissuaded her from applying to top colleges. With personal determination and support from mentors, she ended up graduating with a BA and MA from Stanford University. Now as a Bay Area Assistant Principal and a Board Member of SPIO, she recognizes the importance of early mentorship and is working with a small volunteer team to build a free e-mentorship program for Pacific Islander students preparing for college and career success.

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