2020 Pasifika Workforce


In response to low representation of Pacific identities across professional fields:

We are creating a Pasifika Workforce Program designed to increase Pasifika Cultural Competency in 100 companies by 2025.

Company Responsibilities

  1. Complete SPIO Pasifika Cultural Competency training

  2. Commit to offering one high school or college internship through SPIO

  3. Establish Pacific ERG by 2021

Company Perks

  1. Added to our list of 2020 SPIO Pasifika Workforce Allies

  2. Invited to our 2020 Annual Gala in the islands

Our 2020 Timeline

  • Market Research (January-March). We will select Pacific professionals across industries to participate in our market research via video chat and in-person meetings.

  • Pasifika Cultural Competency Training Development (April-June). We will create a training curriculum with select volunteers.

  • Identify 5 pilot companies (July-August). We will select 5 companies to participate in our pilot program.

  • Conduct Pasifika Cultural Competency Training (September-October). SPIO Executive Director trains pilot companies.

  • Creation of Pacific ERGs (October-November). Pilot companies will establish a Pacific ERG.

  • 2020 SPIO Gala (November). Officially introduce companies as SPIO Pasifika Workforce Allies at the Annual Gala.

  • Pacific Internships (2021). Participating companies will offer internships to SPIO scholars.

Participate in the Pasifika Workforce Pilot Program

We are looking for:

  • Volunteers - Brainstorm Sessions. Join video chat brainstorm sessions to discuss pain points and share personal experience in your industry.

    • Minimum requirement: 1 year of professional work experience.

    • Commitment: January-March 2020.

  • Volunteers - Training Development. Participate in the development of the Pasifika Workforce cultural competency training.

    • Minimum requirement: Experience in curriculum or program development.

    • Commitment: January-June 2020.

  • Volunteers -Advisors. Advise program coordinators throughout the year.

    • Minimum requirement: HR, legal, and administration expertise or background in Pasifika research.

    • Commitment: January-December 2020.

  • 5 Companies. Join our pilot program and participate in the cultural competency training.

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Please note that the details of this program are in flux.