Educational Resources for Pacific Islanders in the U.S.

Check out the most up-to-date educational resources for Pacific Islander students and scholars living in the U.S.


  • SPIO Mentorship Program: Free online mentorship program for Pacific students around the world to get guidance on university and careers from Pacific mentors.

Leadership Programs

  • National

    • AAJA Youth Leadership Summit: Apply to a three-day leadership development program for high achieving college students dedicated to addressing issues impacting Asian Americans and Pacific Islander communities. 

    • College Horizons:  This is a program of excellence designed for Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian high school sophomores and juniors. This program helps students become experts on the college application and admissions process.  

  • California

    • AAMPLIFY Summer Program: Apply to an intensive summer training which helps you recognize your leadership potential.

    • APIs Mobilize Leadership Program: Junior and seniors are chosen to participate in a 5-week summer youth leadership program. Choose between the East Bay and Southern California program.

    • APYLP Leadership Conference: The annual Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project (APYLP) conference provides 50 Asian and Pacific Islander seniors and juniors residing in California with an opportunity to gain knowledge of the legislative process community leadership and political activism.

    • EPIC’s PILOT: Join a culture-based and community-focused leadership empowerment and development summer program.


Other Opportunities

  • Gap Yearly: Get advice on how to have a gap year between high school and university.

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Updated 6/5/2019