South Pacific Islander Organization

** 2020 SPIO Champions list coming soon **

Who are SPIO Champions?

SPIO Champions are a prestigious group of donors, foundations, and major donors who pledge a significant annual gift to cover SPIO's annual budget. SPIO Champions enable a nonprofit led by Pacific people and allies, for Pacific people.

What do SPIO Champions enable?

Career Pathways

SPIO’s suite of leadership programs provide a sustainable lifecycle of programs aimed to support Pacific people from school all the way through their careers by leveraging cross-collaboration.

Fair Pay

We want our staff to excel, thrive and grow in their role, which means providing our staff with competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits and opportunities for growth.

Market Leader

SPIO is one of the few nonprofits dedicated to making our programs accessible to our international Pacific community. Enable SPIO to turn from a grassroots movement to a leading international NGO.

Become a 2020 SPIO Champion

SPIO Champions are corporations, community foundations and major donors making our Pacific diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives come to life.

We provide incentives for our SPIO champions.

When you request more information, we will send you our SPIO Champion presentation with ways for you to get involved.